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Cash credit over the Internet - what should you pay attention to?

Nowadays, you don't have to line up in a long queue in a bank to get a cash loan for any important purpose. Learn more about borrowing money online - convenient, safe, beneficial in many other ways.

Loan or credit

First of all, let us remind you that credits can only be granted by banks. Meanwhile, in Poland there are also many loan companies offering such popular instant loans. Companies from outside the banking sector are tempted by a small number of formalities, but do not have such a well-established position and a wide range of offers as typical, often international banks.

If you read the ranking of cash loans carefully You will quickly see that you can save a lot of money by choosing a smart offer that meets your needs and expectations, and above all - cheap. Before you make your final decision, check out our mini guide, in which we remind you what to pay special attention to.

Interest rate

The interest rate on loans and cash loans is always expressed, or at least should be expressed through the APRC, i.e. the actual annual interest rate expressed as a percentage, e.g. "APRC 12.80%". Banks charge you not only interest, but also commission and insurance and procedural costs. Always count how much your credit will cost you! First of all, analyse the available comparisons and rankings from this point of view.

Verification procedures

Before the bank decides to grant you a cash loan online, it must check your identity. You need an ID card, or rather a scan of it, unless you already have a bank account and are a verified customer. Each bank has its own individual procedures, which it presents when encouraging to take out a cash loan. However, you will certainly need documentation to determine your creditworthiness. You may need an employment contract, a certificate from your employer, a statement from your account, a certificate from ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) on accepting pension benefits, a certificate of business activity, a document confirming income from other sources... In short, the bank must verify your personal data and find out that you are able to pay off your liability on time, for example 2000 deposits divided into installments.

Amount available and other requirements

Banks are known for the multitude of formalities that customers have to complete. Sometimes, for example, you need to open a personal account at the same location or choose a credit card.

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