•   Wednesday, December 7, 2022

What is CNC milling all about?

Just like everything else around us, the well-known methods of material processing are being updated after some time, so that we can meet the growing expectations of our customers. Thanks to this, however, their effectiveness is also significantly increased, so almost every company takes care to follow all changes in this regard. Continuous improvement of these methods of metalworking allows their use in the industrial production process.

Therefore, CNC metalworking is constantly being improved in line with the latest technological and technical innovations. Therefore, they are not only becoming more modern, but also gain in precision, efficiency and speed with which the material can be machined.

Why is machining so effective? Well, thanks to this method you can gain extraordinary accuracy, which means that all the requirements set by customers can be met. The roughness of the surface and every detail of the project can be maintained. CNC machining is used in aviation, automotive, electronics, automation and even medicine.

Computerized Numerical Control (CNC), or computerized numerical control of numerical devices, is as the name suggests a method of processing plastics of all kinds, in which it is necessary to use a computer. The basis for this technique is therefore a specific control system with a microcomputer. What is very important, however, is that this computer can be programmed interactively in the way we wish. With the help of systems, we can therefore control the graphic monitor, which shows us the course of specific processing.

Such a monitor will also show us the most important data concerning the tools and will give us corrective information. A great advantage of this particular method of milling is the fact that the companies using it can make even very complicated shapes of plastics, in a very precise way and in a very short time. Therefore, it can undoubtedly be considered that this method is even ideal for industrial production where identical shaped products in very large numbers are produced.

CNC milling can be divided into three main stages. The first one is to create an appropriate project on your computer. It is then processed in the form of a tool control plan and then processed.

Thanks to this method, companies can work with plastics much faster and in a much easier way, which simply means that it is possible to perform fast machining. In addition, it is worth noting that the overall costs are also reduced and the operating time of the machines is reduced. You only need to program the device once to perform a precise shape. The lack of such a method of programming and computer design would therefore mean that the whole process would be prolonged and that such a good end result could not be achieved. We must realize that man would not be able to develop a specific shape in such a short time. Thanks to the machine, we will thus be able to obtain a large number of specific products more quickly. This also reduces the costs of the production process, which certainly means savings for the customers themselves.

What exactly is CNC milling?

It is a kind of machining that allows you to machine surfaces, channels, teeth, grooves or contoured surfaces. The tool makes a rotary movement while the feed movement is made by the tool or workpiece. Please note that during milling, the tool blades do not perform their work at the same time, but one after the other.

As far as non-rotating shapes are concerned, such as gears or cams, another type of machining is used, i.e. chiselling. Cutting in this case is done by a knife that is attached to the zipper. This one, in turn, makes horizontal and vertical movements.

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