•   Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Intelligent watches - is it worth it?

Wearable is triumphant. Smartwatchers and smartbands are seeing more and more wrists. Are these just superfluous designer gadgets or something we need nowadays? Fans of new technologies will say for sure that without a smartwatch or a move, but how is it in reality? Do you really need to buy a smart watch?

What is smartwatch and what does it offer?

Smartwatch, or smart watch, is a modern type of interactive watch that pairs with your phone. Thanks to this, smartwatch receives notifications that come to your phone (SMS, e-mails, information from social networks, notifications about missed calls, etc.). Some smart watches also come with cameras, built-in mp3 players, games and much more that you'll find on smartphones. So it turns out that an intelligent watch is almost the same as a phone, only in a miniaturized version? Well, not necessarily. Smartwatche as a rule are to replace the need to constantly reach for the phone. In today's world, everyone looks at the phones. We literally don't take our eyes off their screens. No wonder, since in these small devices we have access to all the knowledge of mankind.

When do you need a smartwatch?

Let's not fool ourselves, an intelligent watch is not a gadget without which we couldn't live. Not everyone has to have it, because not everyone just needs it. Below is a list of reasons why you should buy a smartphone. If you don't find your needs on this list, the answer is self-evident.

  • You are in constant motion - you have a demanding, stressful job that requires constant movement, driving, meetings, etc. You are in constant motion. Then it is clear that you want to be up to date with everything, but you don't have time to reach for the phone every now and then. Smartwatch will save you time and ensure that you don't miss anything important. With an intelligent watch, you can keep your finger on the pulse no matter what the situation.
  • You practice, you run, you swim, you ride a bike. Your phone is stored tightly in your pocket and backpack, and you can't afford to use it while you're active. You also care about the results, you want to measure your pulse, the number of kilometres travelled, the steps you took or the calories you burned. If so, the smarttwatch is just perfect for you.
  • You want to be trendy - look at the people around you. Now everyone wants to be fashionable and make a good impression. Almost everyone, without exception, strives to achieve a statute in society. It may be a little strange, but this status is determined by your possessions. Smartwatche give +100 points to prestige.
  • You need a versatile accessory - the smarttwatch allows you to create a great outline of your everyday hairstyles, not only sporty but also casual. Smartwatch is the ability to have only one watch that works in every situation at the same time. Instead of buying one elegant and one sporty one, you can invest more in a good smartphone with a subdued look and save not only money, but also time to change watches depending on the situation.

As you can see, there are at least 4 serious reasons to buy a smartphone. It will certainly be a better solution than a smart wristband, because it simply gives you more possibilities. Today, Smartwatche is a standard especially for athletes. It is unbelievable how such a watch helps to control physical activity and how much time it saves. The better, the more fun it is.

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