•   Wednesday, August 17, 2022

How to search for unknown phone numbers

The phone rings again, you pick up your mobile phone and display a number that is missing in the memory of the phone. Another missed call will appear - unfortunately you don't know from whom. Twenty times the same number is calling you, and you've had enough, and you want him to stop bothering you, but you don't even know who's calling. There's a way to do that. You can use various types of services that allow you to determine whose phone number is the one that keeps calling us or from which we have missed a call. The whole process is trivially simple, but we can save a lot of nerves.

In the search engine, e.g. Google, we need to enter the phrase "who called", "whose number is this", etc. The search engine will offer us a lot of hit websites and it depends on us which one we will use. Maybe we just need something in the form of an online phone book, where we can only find out who called? Or maybe we want to make a comment on a given issue and we want to get acquainted with the assessments of others who have dealt with a persistent number for us? So let's choose the one that suits us best. Then we can easily see whose number it is. Enter the phone number in the internal search engine of the page, where we have a problem, and then press the "search" button. We will receive this number and assign it to the company in a specific way. Underneath we can look for other users' ratings and comments. That way, we'll know who else had a similar problem.

Unfortunately, telemarketers with a new offer on the phone and a fantastic opportunity for a new Internet, can call us and call us to the fallen. By knowing whose number it is, we can block it so that it can no longer make calls to us. If we find out that it is someone who notoriously calls everyone and is a so-called 'deaf telephone', we can report the situation to the appropriate services.

The Internet will certainly help us to determine the purpose for which someone on the other side called us, because it will tell us who he is.

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