•   Wednesday, August 17, 2022

How do I take care of a printer you rarely use?

Long interruptions in operation do not serve the printers - they dry ink in them. How do I care for occasional equipment to ensure it lasts for years?

It is often the case that a home printer is not used as intensively as a workplace printer. Home appliances are usually used to print the necessary documents once in a while, so it may happen that the printer is not used even for a few or several months. It is worth knowing that in rarely used printers the ink is dried up in the printhead. If the issue of unblocking is neglected, it will usually involve the purchase of a new device. If regular printing is not an option, look for an effective way to clear clogged nozzles.

Why are home printers clogging up?

Cheap printing devices have variable cartridges with a fixed head. When all the ink has run out, just buy a plastic box with a new supply. Usually such printers do not require the installation of additional chips or other security features on the cartridges. This allows you to use cheaper consumables. If low quality replacements are selected, there may be a problem with the permanently installed head - it happens that if the component is damaged, the cost of replacing it under warranty is not an option.

How do I remove dried ink from the print nozzle?

Self repair of microscopic heaters or transducers is beyond the abilities of a layman. White, horizontal lines on the printouts do not have to indicate that the printhead is obviously damaged. In such cases, it is worth checking if the dried ink blocking the nozzle does not cause any problems. Of course, you can remove the problem by home methods, but you have to do it very gently in order not to damage the head. First of all, you should use the printer driver function to clean the nozzle. If this does not work, specialist head cleaners are available on the market that dissolve dried ink.

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