•   Wednesday, August 17, 2022

HotSpot - how to use it?

Not everyone is aware of this, but nowadays it is possible to access the Internet completely free of charge in many places. It is no longer necessary to have your own package in order to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the network. In an increasing number of cities, special points are being set up to enable seamless use of the Internet. Thanks to them you can have access to the network completely free of charge. So let's take a look at what hotspots do and how to use them.

Using hotspots

The use of hotspots can be very comfortable if you choose the right one. In larger cities, most often in the centres, there are points that allow you to connect to the Internet. Such points are available to everyone and you only need to run wifi to connect to them. Once connected, you can now use the network. However, what are the disadvantages of such a solution? First of all, low data transfer rate. If the network is heavily loaded, even the simplest pages cannot be browsed. Therefore, it is much better to bet on professional hotspots, which are made available by telecommunication operators. They are password-protected, so they can only be accessed by people who use the services of a given operator. The use of hotspots is free of charge. Thanks to the fact that access to them is limited, the comfort of using this type of solutions is much higher. First of all, the data transfer rates are at a decent level and connecting to any website is not a problem at all.

Wifi device

In order to use hotspots it is necessary to have a device with wifi support. It doesn't matter if it's a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Currently, most devices offer wifi support, so virtually everyone is able to easily connect to the server, so that you can use the network. Thanks to which the use of the network will be, above all, very pleasant. You will not incur any costs, which is also a great advantage of this type of solutions. In many places it will be able to use the network without losing data from its package.

Operator offering hotspots

Not every operator offers access to hotspots for their customers. Not everyone has the appropriate infrastructure for this. Among those who offer such access it is worth mentioning inea company, which offers over 40 thousand hotspots in Poland. Inhabitants of cities will be able to count on the fact that in many places will be able to connect to the network completely free of charge. All you need is a login and a password to use it without any problems. Moreover, for greater convenience, the data should be entered only once. After that you have unlimited access to all servers without having to log in to each of them. The comfort of using this solution is therefore gigantic.

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