•   Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Moisture absorbers - this cannot be missing from your shipments

Some products, stored in storage packaging or packaged for transport, are much more susceptible than others to moisture and water vapour. However, there is a way to protect them from the effects of these phenomena. What's that? Simply use moisture absorbers in the sachets.

Moisture - which objects are most harmful to you?

During transport or storage in warehouses, the most susceptible to moisture are all kinds of electronic equipment - computers, household appliances, RTV and other types of electrical equipment - as well as metal products, machinery, clothing and footwear (including, in particular, leather goods). In order to protect them from the effects of moisture and water vapour as much as possible, special moisture absorbers are used. Moisture absorbers in sachets and bags are ideal for storing and packing items that should avoid moisture that can adversely affect their proper functioning or durability.

Moisture absorbers - best protection against moisture and water vapour

To keep moisture in a box, foil or any other packaging, simply place moisture absorbers in the box. Such products have absorbent properties, which makes it possible to keep the humidity at the right level. What is important, these are articles that are available in different sizes, so they can easily be matched to the size of the package. It is worth noting that they are made of non-flammable and non-toxic materials. This ensures that even those stored for a long time do not adversely affect the health and safety of users who come into contact with them.

Moisture absorbers in sachets - advantages

The main task of moisture absorbers is to protect materials and goods against moisture, both during transport and long-term storage. What are the most important advantages of this type of product?

  • Can be used in cartons, containers and other packaging.

  • They are easy to use - just put them inside a sealed package

  • Maintain low moisture levels

  • Protect products from mould and fungus

  • They are non-toxic and made of natural materials

  • Safe for products - dry even when saturated

All these features make moisture absorbers in sachets the best way to protect products from moisture.

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