•   Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Shopping guide - phone or tablet?

Mobile devices are something without which many people cannot imagine everyday life. It is thanks to them that we are able to work more efficiently, do shopping, plan a day or just have fun. Their market offer is extremely wide, but the most important seems to be the answer to the question - is it better to opt for a smartphone or maybe invest in a good quality tablet?

Of course, it is always possible to supply ourselves with both these devices. However, this is a solution that involves the need to invest a really large amount of money. Let's not fool ourselves, a good quality smartphone and tablet cost a lot, so this option is available only for people with a very large budget.

What to choose?

Both discussed devices are very similar to each other. They use the same operating systems and very often have similar computing power. The basic differences are related to their construction and functions.

Telephone - of course it is used to call and send text messages. However, these features are found in every model, and today's smartphones are more than that. A number of programmes and applications using an Internet connection should be mentioned in particular. Thanks to this, on a small screen we can handle e-mail, use a web browser, various types of instant messengers, social network customers or various games.

A good quality smartphone is also a handy device to help you with your work - thanks to it you can plan your day, build a network of contacts or use office packages. Current phones also allow you to use GPS navigation, applications to help you choose a restaurant or order food. Of course, we must not forget about the possibility of watching movies, taking pictures or listening to music. As you can see, the possibilities of using the phone are extremely wide.

Tablet - we can safely say that it supports all the features that were listed on the occasion of the phone, except for ringing. The point is that the tablet differs from the smartphone in design and size. Tablets usually have a screen diagonal of 7 to 11 inches, while a 5-inch phone is already known as a large one.

All this makes the way you use your tablets a little different. It replaces the computer to a much greater extent - we can connect the keyboard and mouse to it, so that we can easily create a new text document and presentation, thanks to the tablet we are able to conveniently browse through the full versions of websites, it is also better suited for watching movies and photos. In short, it's more of a desktop nature and more like a computer.

Due to the range of supported features and the way both devices work, it is much easier to buy a cheap phone than a cheap smartphone. The simplest smartphones may turn out to be very limited, but they will allow you to perform all the basic tasks. For tablets, you must have sufficient computing power. Of course, someone can say that almost every tablet will give us access to most of the listed application programs. The problem is their handling.

To realize this, just take a tablet for 200 PLN, equipped with 512 MB of RAM and a processor with low clock. The irritation will appear after just a few minutes, when the system will start to hang up after running 2-3 applications. All this makes it possible for us to be comfortable only with devices from medium and high quality shelves.

Who's the phone for and who's the tablet for?

Since we already know what both devices will allow us to do and what are the differences between them, we can say who will need them the most. Imagine that you have 1000 PLN at your disposal and wonder what to choose - a medium quality smartphone or a tablet. Everything, of course, depends on how you want to use them.

Work - If you're on the move a lot and need a small device to stay connected to customers and networks, choose a smartphone. A tablet will be a good idea when you have a place to sit and take care of the most important things.

Book lover - thanks to the larger screen, the tablet will be much more comfortable to read, especially models with a good matrix.

Watching movies - again point to the tablet - all thanks to the diagonal screen size, which is simply larger.

Listening to music - definitely a smartphone. It's smaller, lighter and more handy.

Athlete - if you like to document your actions, check how much you ran or passed, and you do not have a special, dedicated device, a smartphone will turn out to be a good choice.

Player - the game will be much more comfortable if they have a large, comfortable screen at their disposal, which is why the tablet wins in this category.

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