•   Wednesday, December 7, 2022

LED floodlights - a modern and economical light source

LED floodlights are a modern and functional technology that has effectively displaced halogen floodlights. This is a much better solution than traditional lighting. A professional LED floodlight can be used both indoors and outdoors. Ideal for lighting facades, gardens, parking lots, walking paths, streets, parks, squares and more. It is also ideal for large areas such as warehouses.

Modern LED floodlights with sensors

Modern LED floodlights equipped with motion and twilight sensors are a way to cheaply increase safety in public places. Lighting is only switched on when it is needed. They have built-in sensors that allow you to change settings according to your needs. Most often there are three basic parameters to choose from. The first is to determine the amount of light required to activate the lighting - the sensors detect the time of day and the brightness level without any problems. The illuminator will turn on during bad weather or only at night. The second setting is the length of the switch-on time - it can be less than a second or a few minutes. The third parameter is the sensitivity of the movement needed to activate the lighting. Depending on the settings, the lamp will switch on when even a small object (e.g. a dog) is detected, or only when a larger object (e.g. a human being, a car) is detected. The range of the motion sensors is approximately 11m. An important aspect of such an illuminator model is the quality of light. Bright and clear luminous fluxes increase the sense of security with maximum energy savings. Compared to a traditional halogen, LED floodlights consume about 8 times less energy. You can get a return on your investment after just 3 months of operation.

The most important advantages of LED floodlights

The main advantage of LED floodlights is their energy efficiency. Lower power consumption reduces costs by up to 70%. Long life of LEDs guarantees lower operating costs. High luminous parameters prove themselves in almost all conditions. The quality of lighting is much better than that of traditional halogen lamps. By purchasing a LED illuminator you will receive a high quality guarantee - the product will shine reliably for at least 30 000 000 hours. Most often, the number of hours of use of lighting significantly exceeds this value. Immediate readiness for operation is an important advantage - the illuminator will switch on within 1 second. Unlike conventional lighting, they do not need any extra warm-up time. Achieve full performance immediately. The LED illuminator operates on the basis of LEDs and a complex electronic assembly. Reliability and long life of LEDs allows you to operate the illuminator even in the worst weather conditions. This type of lighting is also characterized by a high level of waterproofing (IP65 and IP67). The luminaire power ranges from 40 to 30 W - replacement of halogens up to 1000 W. Another important feature is the shock resistance. If you are planning to buy LED products, I recommend to familiarize yourself with the offer of the online store Led LABS.

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