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How fast can we get rid of the pain in the sinuses?

The problems with the bays can't be underestimated. Sinusitis not only hinders normal functioning, but can also lead to serious health complications. If you feel pain in the sinuses, you should reach for proven methods, preparations and syrups that combat unpleasant ailments and allow you to quickly recover.

Sinusitis is a common upper respiratory tract infection. Every year several million Poles struggle with unpleasant ailments in the form of headaches, rhinitis and fever. Fortunately, the infection can be dealt with quickly. At the first symptoms, start treatment immediately and reach for proven products such as sinus syrup. Home remedies that do not replace pharmacological treatment, but can provide temporary relief, will also help.

Any treatment, especially treatment taken on your own, should be consulted with a doctor who will advise you and choose the appropriate therapy. If you suspect that you have sinusitis, you should make an appointment. If the first symptoms have occurred, it is advisable to take appropriate measures to combat them.

Gulf prevention

People susceptible to sinusitis should take care of their immunity and take preventive dietary supplements supporting sinus cleaning and the action of the respiratory tract mucosa. Adequate supplementation significantly reduces the risk of infection.

Gulf dietary supplements are most commonly found in the form of tablets, and in their composition you can find herbal extracts, such as verbena herb, mullein flowers, elderberry, linden flowers. The gentian root extract is particularly appreciated as it increases the secretion of mucus and clears the clogged nose. Natural extracts support the functioning of the respiratory and immune systems.

Natural preparations and syrups for sinuses

Pharmacies offer a wide range of products designed to combat unpleasant ailments associated with sinusitis. Noteworthy are natural compositions that do not burden the body, such as syrups for bays containing extracts from African geranium, gentian and mullein. Such syrups are additionally enriched with vitamin C and zinc, which strengthen the immune system and can be administered to children from the age of 3.

We can also reach for warming ointments, which will bring the desired relief - relieve pain, clear the nose and sinuses. Ointments with a characteristic strong aroma, such as eucalyptus, rosemary, camphor or pine ointments, will work well. A small amount of ointment is spread at the base of the nose, also on the forehead and temples, to increase the effect it is recommended to put on a band or wrap the head. Please note that such ointments may give an unpleasant burning sensation and should not be used by people with sensitive skin.

Home-made ways to get to the bays

Onion, horseradish and garlic are extremely effective for clogged noses. These are the ingredients that should appear most frequently in the daily diet, even in the raw form. With onion we can prepare a syrup for sinuses and strengthen the immunity. Garlic can be crushed and smelled or put on a plate next to the bed when we go to sleep. All you need to do is grate the horseradish.

The inhalation of sinuses is extremely effective, thanks to which we clean the airways and moisturize the mucous membrane. All you need is salt, which you add to the water. However, such inhalation should be enriched with essential oils, such as menthol or eucalyptus, or herbs such as chamomile or mint - then the action of the so-called steam will be more effective, faster and soothing.

It is also worth to buy iodine and bromine salt (to buy in the pharmacy), with which we will make a warm compress. Put the salt (a few handfuls) preheated in a frying pan into a cloth, wrap it around and apply to the forehead. Be careful that the salt is not too hot. Warm salt releases iodine and bromine compounds that help to cleanse the nose and ensure comfort of breathing.

Ginger, caraway and cinnamon are useful in the fight against bays in the home pantry as they warm up and clear the airways. In the case of caraway, it is recommended to simply smell it, and ginger and cinnamon should be added to warming teas.

You should also take care to irrigate your body and clean your nose regularly. It is extremely important to drink plenty of mineral water in case of upper respiratory tract infections and painful sinuses, which hydrates the body, dilutes the secretion and facilitates its removal. When it comes to cleansing your nose, the brine you rinse your nostrils with is reliable: half a litre of warm water, one teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of baking powder are mixed together and then you rinse your nose several times a day with a pear.

Sinusitis is accompanied by severe pain at the base of the nose, eye pains, headaches and a leaking rhinitis, called sinus cold. Each of these ailments is life-threatening, so all available measures should be taken to combat them. We may choose traditional methods, but then the fight against sinuses may take longer, so it is worth speeding up the treatment with, for example, sinus syrup or other available herbal remedies that will allow for a quick recovery.

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