•   Saturday, September 30, 2023

How to select a foundation and apply it correctly to mask skin lesions

The foundation is the basis of any make-up, so it must be well applied, especially to people who want to mask skin lesions. Learn how to choose your foundation and how to apply it to make your complexion look perfect.

The foundation for mixed and oily skin must mask imperfections, but without the mask effect. You will avoid this if you choose the right cosmetic and then apply it to your face in the right way.

What kind of foundation for mixed and oily skin?

Mixed skin is problematic because it is characterized by the presence of two zones: oily and dry. The choice of the right primer is therefore important. Choose a cosmetic that will matte the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and at the same time ensure the correct level of skin hydration on the cheeks. The presence of antibacterial substances and irritation-alleviating ingredients is also important.

If your complexion tends to become oily, pay attention to water-based primers with silicone particles (these will make the primer last longer). It is also worth noting the matting fluids, which contain substances absorbing excess sebum and extracts from herbs responsible for narrowing pores.

When choosing a cosmetic, pay attention to the shade - the colour should correspond to the colour of the skin. When testing a colour, it is not recommended to test it on the skin of the hand or wrist - the skin in this area has a different shade. Massage a small amount of the preparation into the face. It is important that the color is identical to the skin or lighter - after a few hours the preparation oxidizes, giving the skin a slightly darker shade.

The secrets of primer application

Proper application of the foundation will help to cover up imperfections of the skin, so it should be carried out properly. Before applying the cosmetic, wash your face thoroughly and apply a moisturizing cream. This will allow you to evenly spread the foundation and avoid the effect of dry skin.

The primer can be applied in several ways: with fingertips, sponge or brush. It is especially recommended to use a primer brush, which allows to reduce the amount of used cosmetics, and at the same time ensures even distribution. When choosing a brush for the primer, pay attention to flat and medium thickness models with natural bristles.

Whether you choose a foundation brush or other accessories, apply the product from the forehead to the bottom of your face. The foundation should be applied from the center of the face, collecting its excess outside. Special attention should be paid to the application of the cosmetic in the hair area, at the nostrils or in the corners of the eyes - in these places it is easy to wipe the foundation inaccurately.

After applying the cosmetic, the make-up should be finished with loose powder. The powder brush should be thicker.

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