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How to care for oily and mixed skin?

Although we usually speak of oily and mixed complexion in one breath, they are not identical. People with oily skin struggle with excessive keratosis, although their problems are also enlarged pores, blackheads and seborrhoea, inflammations, and often also - unaesthetic purulent efflorescences. Mixed skin is a little less problematic, because even though it is excessively oily, the biggest challenge is in the so-called T zone, which includes the forehead, nose and chin. Of course, problems with oily skin do not have to be limited to the face, so we often have to deal with it on the back, arms and even on the chest.

Unfortunately, the answer to the question of whether oily skin can also be our problem is not difficult. The typical thing about her is that her shade is unhealthy, and she is still wet and shining too much. Unfortunately, the same complexion can be sensitive, capillary or even dehydrated at the same time. And although we usually think of it as a problem faced by teenagers, many people have to deal with it in their adult lives as well. Of course, this does not mean at all that its owner does not have any advantages in this respect. We must not forget that it is not only thicker than dry skin, but also more elastic. In practice, this means that it is not as sensitive to atmospheric factors as it is to atmospheric factors and that it ages more slowly. It is not free from wrinkles, but they appear less often and are less visible.

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Natural cosmetics in the service of oily skin

Fatty skin causes so many problems that no one should be surprised that it requires careful care. Washing it (similarly as this is the case with mixed skin) should not include gels with astringent and drying properties. The effect of their use is often opposite to the intended one, as they contribute to the formation of even stronger seborrhoea. The best idea is to use natural cosmetics for this purpose, which are known not to contain not only parabens, but also detergents with irritating effects. Natural soaps may contain aloe juice, laurel oil, lemon peel oil and peppermint oil, it is worth betting on natural foams and gels. The use of this type of cosmetics will ensure that the skin is free of impurities, toxins and, above all, excess sebum. They also have a delicate anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, which is an additional advantage.

The role of toning in oily skin

The cleansing of the face does not have to be enough to make sure that our skin has the best care so it is worth reaching for a tonic to help it regain a slightly acidic pH. Tonic not only reduces the phenomenon of oily skin, but also contributes to the fact that it becomes more dull.

Of course, not every tonic is equally effective, so the best solutions are those that are not only natural but also short in composition. Rose extracts, apple, kiwi, wheat germ and lemon peel oil are particularly valuable in this context and the importance of the recently popular tea tree oil cannot be underestimated. These ingredients have not only an antifungal and antibacterial effect, but also an anti-inflammatory effect.

If you do not want to use tonics, you can successfully replace them with rose water. Nothing stands in the way of the hydrolatium used for skin care to be prepared by yourself by reaching for flower petals or skins derived from organic citrus fruits.

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