•   Saturday, September 30, 2023

How to finance the purchase of an apartment

The decision to buy a new flat is easy to make, and it is worse with the implementation of the decision. And it's not because we don't want to or don't have time to do it. We simply don't have enough money in the world. So let's ask ourselves the prosaic question - where to get the money?

It would be perfect if our distant relative, who with great pleasure wants to prescribe an inheritance for us, could be found. Unfortunately, such an eventuality happens very rarely, so we have to look for a solution somewhere closer to the ground.

Stress-free - cost-free

The ideal solution and the most preferred form of financing a new apartment is to use your savings. It is known that collecting such a sum of money does not take a year, we know how expensive flats are now. Nevertheless, the game is worth the candle. If only our work (our and our partner's best) allows us to put aside a large sum of money, so that soon we can buy our own M. it is worth to tighten our teeth and belt.

What does that give us? First of all, independence. We do not bind ourselves to the bank for years, we do not pay back more than we borrowed and we do not have to think every month about paying the instalment for the next month. And we're missing out on a whole bunch of documents that need to be signed while we're trying to figure out the details of the loan.

This is the preferred course of action, but few people can boast of such a luxury. Well, then, what are they going to do?

Credit is not a crime

Fortunately, we are moving away from thinking that I will not take out a loan, because that will mean that I am a failure. Nowadays, this form of financing larger purchases is natural. Nevertheless, it is worth to be well prepared for it, to know all the pros and cons and to be sure that we have chosen the best option.

Before you start collecting documents, which are more than in the case of cash loans, compare the credit offers in the financial comparison engine. This will allow you to quickly and efficiently check most of the offers available on the market. In addition, you will be able to read all the pros and cons - the comparison engines are not intended to praise any product, so we can be sure that the information contained therein is objective.

Getting acquainted with the offer in the price engine gives us the opportunity to submit an application via the Internet. Only after sending it, a bank consultant will contact us, and we will be able to go to the office to complete the formalities. What's that?

First of all, we must demonstrate our creditworthiness - the bank will check our earnings, ask for the employment contract, additionally ask/check our other financial obligations (alimony, other credit) and check the size of the household and dependants. Besides, we have to remember that he won't get the money just like that. We must have cash for our own contribution, which from 2017 will amount to 20% of the property price. Fortunately, most banks still have 10% of their own contribution in their offer, but in such a case we have to take out a loan from an insured person.

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