•   Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Big data researcher - a future-oriented profession?

Data is a fundamental element of the modern world. They are produced by multimedia devices that are increasingly interconnected. Research and analysis show that by 2020, there could be around 26 billion (!) interconnected devices around the world that produce a wide variety of data. A special field - big data - has already been established and is developing more and more. Its task is to manage all this information.

The researcher of big data is today considered to be one of the most future-oriented professions. Already now the specialists in this field earn a lot of money, and the demand for people who know about it will only grow year by year. Big data specialists are sometimes referred to as "data rulers" - one has to admit that this term is very accurate. Year by year, more and more professionals appear in this industry, and outstanding specialists are increasingly valued. Statistics show that in 2016 it was the most sought-after profession in the United States. The question remains, of course, whether the situation in Poland is similar and whether the specialists in this profession will be equally valued by us. Experts on the subject emphasize that in our country proven systems for data analysis, such as CRM and ERP, are still used. However, they are too simple and no longer fit the more advanced requirements of the modern world. For this reason, people with adequate knowledge of data analysis are becoming increasingly necessary.

the profession of the future - big data

The data resources present in the multimedia world are already powerful, and their growth is expected to be very intense over the next few years. Simple systems are no longer sufficient to deal with their analysis effectively. Of course, more advanced and functional systems are created for this purpose, which actually help a lot in the management of the company. Simultaneously, in many cases they must be supported by the work of living people, who are able to analyse data much more thoroughly. The sector is, of course, relatively young, so there is still a shortage of skilled workers in the global labour markets for this reason alone. For this reason, big data specialists are recruited mainly from among statisticians and data analyzers. The figures show that already now in the USA, the salaries of better specialists in this field reach USD 150 000 a year, which places such people roughly at the same material level as doctors and lawyers.

It is estimated that in the United States alone, by 2018, 1.5 million specialists will be employed in this field. This is one of the best examples of how the labour market is shaped by the development of modern technologies. There are new professions connected with them, which nobody has even heard about a few years ago. Today, however, they are beginning to create very extensive industries in themselves, employing hundreds of thousands of people. However, what should such a specialist do? According to some people, it is a kind of translator. Such a person must be able to translate conclusions and information resulting from a huge amount of data, which say little to an ordinary person. This is very important, as it allows the managers of companies to really use market data and be guided by it when making decisions. There are many indications that also in Poland this market will be developing dynamically, so people who want to connect their future with it do not have to look west at all. However, it is worth remembering that practising such a profession is not easy. What is needed at the same time is quite a lot of knowledge about the essence of data, but also about the way in which particular business markets operate. Sometimes it takes many years of experience and preparation, but it seems that all the effort put into it will really pay off!

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