•   Wednesday, July 6, 2022

IT training - why is it worth taking part in it? Background information for stakeholders

Continuous improvement of your skills and acquiring new knowledge is the basis for achieving professional success. We should therefore take care of the right course of science to give ourselves a chance for a better future, but also to update our knowledge and keep up with the progress of changes, for example in technological solutions. In this case, it is good to participate in IT training. The skills and knowledge gained during the classes will be supported by a certificate, which may open many doors to work, and with time a career in the IT industry.

Advantages of training

Why is it worth taking part in trainings? Certainly, many people ask themselves this question before deciding to take advantage of the offer prepared by the chosen university. Everyone cares about the specific benefits that they can get by participating in the classes. So, what do the training courses offer? There are several specific advantages, such as:

  • you will gain valuable knowledge and new skills that are practical,
  • short duration of classes (can be one-off, e.g. one day or a weekend),
  • In addition, you will receive a certificate confirming your knowledge and skills.

Benefits of IT training

The general benefits of training apply to all classes, but depending on the direction, there are additional benefits that may be invaluable. In the case of such hermetic industries as IT, participation in trainings is extremely valuable. The constantly progressing technological development and the constantly growing demand on the labour market for specialists in this sector requires from those interested to have up-to-date knowledge and specific skills.

Therefore, by choosing IT training, candidates have a chance to update their competences, translate theoretical knowledge into practice. This may involve, among others, the use of specific computer programs, e.g. MS Excel, learning to report with the use of selected tools or getting to know or study any of the languages important in the work of an analyst.

Computer science training - types of classes

The concrete benefits that can be gained from attending classes depend on the different types of IT training. Therefore, it is worth adjusting the choice to your needs and requirements. It is also good to pay attention to the type of school and its reputation, because the professionalism of the prepared classes depends to a large extent on it. One of the most interesting offers of IT training, in terms of quality and variety of classes, was prepared by the Higher School of Banking (WSB). Among the many interesting items there are IT training courses, such as:

  • MS Excel, intermediate level (training takes place in Wroclaw and Opole),
  • MS Excel, basic level (training takes place in Opole),
  • Professional data visualizations and reporting with the use of dashboards and infographics (training takes place in Gdańsk),
  • Power BI (training takes place in Gdańsk),
  • Introduction to VBA Excel programming (training takes place in Chorzów),
  • SQL language for analysts (training takes place in Gdańsk),
  • Adobe Illustrator with Eduweb exam (training takes place in Gdansk),
  • Management of SAP 2017 privileges (training takes place in Gdańsk),
  • Statistics with Excel (training takes place in Chorzów),
  • Access and SQL databases - advanced level (training takes place in Gdańsk),
  • Basic IT tools for the Manager (training takes place in Szczecin),
  • Application of MS Excel in financial analyses (training takes place in Poznań).

A wide variety of IT training courses, both in terms of topics and levels of advancement, creates optimal conditions for learning. A great value for candidates is also the possibility to take advantage of the offer in several different cities in which we are sitting. Thanks to this, IT trainings organized by WSB are easier to access.

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