•   Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Did you buy your dream car? Find out how to take care of him

This long-awaited, dream day has finally come true. You bought a car and you can start using it. No more MPK, no more taxis, no more asking for a ride for family and friends. But before you get into a whirlwind of aimless driving for the sake of driving pleasure, check out what you need to keep in mind to give your vehicle the best protection. Make sure it lasts a long time!

Appropriate insurance of the car for take-off

The day of registration of a motor vehicle is the last day on which you should take out compulsory third party insurance. If you don't quite know what it gives yet, we're in a hurry to explain. A third party liability policy is used when you inadvertently cause damage, collision or accident to someone. Every time you are guilty, OC releases you from civil liability - among other things, you do not pay compensation from your own pocket - the injured driver receives funds to cure the injury or repair the car.

As a young and inexperienced driver, you are more likely to participate in various types of damage. Unfortunately, if you collide with another vehicle and your car is damaged, OC will not cover the costs of its repair. For this reason, it is worth taking the OC/AC package to the start, which is cheaper than if you bought OC first and bought autocasco later.

How to take care of a vehicle used every day?

If you want to enjoy your beloved car for as long as possible, follow these tips:

- Check that the battery is charged before you go on a long journey. This way you can avoid unpleasant surprises,

- regularly check brake discs, brake pads and brake pads,

- Regardless of whether there is brake fluid in the tank, replace it completely every two years. It loses its properties over time, so it does not provide full protection,

- Do the same with engine oil, but you should change the oil completely at least once a year,

- check the tyre pressure,

- Apply wax to the bodywork. In summer it protects the paint from sunlight and bird droppings, in winter it prevents injuries caused by contact with road salt.

Don't forget to keep your car up and running for many years.

In a car, not only the oil should be changed, but also the filter that works with it. It is worth doing it at least once a year. In order not to be mistaken or forgotten, it can replace both elements at the same time. A clean filter ensures that the right amount of air gets into the engine.

Don't underestimate even small signals suggesting that something may be wrong. An example is unidentified noise in suspension. It may only be the gravel that got there when you were driving on the dirt road, but it may be that some element has loosened.

And finally, one more thing that drivers forget about: the gearbox. Whether it's manual or automatic, you need to control its status. Case manufacturers recommend that you change the oil yourself. More work will be done with fluid change in the automatic transmission, so find a trusted service you can trust your car with.

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