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Polishing paste for varnish - how to choose the right one?

Effective care of your car's appearance is certainly not an easy task. There are a lot of hazards that can affect it very badly, especially when driving frequently. When such a vehicle is in motion, its body is exposed to many external factors, which can damage it. This is particularly noticeable in the case of finely polished car bodies; the paint on the surface is constantly exposed to a great deal of danger. It is mainly affected by external factors, such as rain, snow or pollution - such things can, despite appearances, damage the body.

Not without significance are also "random" events, such as stones splashing from under the wheels of other vehicles with which we pass by on the road. In addition, the body can be inadvertently damaged by yourself in many ways - by not opening the door carefully or inadvertently driving over it with a key. The list of hazards to the paint and bodywork of our car is so long that we could exchange it for hours. Above all, it is important to learn how to care for it effectively. If we take the right measures, we will be able to effectively secure our car and improve all the imperfections that occur during use, even though all these risks are present. The base is a suitable polishing paste.

How to choose the right polishing paste?

The choice of polishing pastes for the car body is very wide nowadays - such products are characterized by great diversity, so we can choose from them as much as we like. However, we must be very careful about their composition, because it makes that not every product of this type is suitable for every type of paint and bodywork. Sometimes it turns out that even a really good paste from a well-known and valued brand will only damage our car, instead of improving its appearance - so we absolutely need to know what we need in the first place.

Speaking of which, it is worth finding out which pasta brands are the most trustworthy in the first place. Meguiars is one of the most valued companies in the world - in this case we can find a whole series of pastes called #80-Series. This includes products #85 Diamond Cut Compound Heavy Cut 10/10, #84 Compound Power Cleaner Heavy Cut 9/10, #83 Dual Action Cleaner Polish Medium Cut 6/10, #80 Speed Glaze Light-Medium Cut 4/10 and #82 Swirl Free Polish Light Cut 2/10. Another well-known company is Poorboys, which offers SSR3 Super Swirl Remover 3 Heavy Cut 8/10, SSR2.5 Super Swirl Remover 2.5 Medium Cut 6/10, SSR2 Super Swirl Remover 2 Light - Medium Cut 4/10 and SSR1 Super Swirl Remover 1 Light Cut 2/10. Another well-known brand - Monzerna - offers S34A Power Gloss Compound Heavy Cut 8/10, PO85RD3.0x Intensive Polish Medium Cut 6/10, PO91L Intensive Polish Medium Cut 5/10, PO106FA Final Finish Light - Medium Cut 4/10 and PO85RD Final Finish Light Cut 2/10. Another brand worth recommending is Sonus with its SFX-1 Restore Medium Cut 6/10, SFX-2 Enhance Light Cut 3/10 and SFX-3 Final Finish Light Cut 1/10 products.

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Of course, it would be difficult to list all pastes currently available on the market, which actually deserve our attention - the products listed above are just examples. Then it is worthwhile to approach it individually and find out which paste has the best composition for the type of paint in our car. It is also good to read comments on selected products on the Internet, because we will learn what we can expect from them. You should never buy here quickly, without carefully considering and looking at a particular product. This decision has a great impact on the safety of our car body, so it must be thought through as much as possible.

Correct polishing of the car

It is difficult to determine how often we should polish our car - it depends on many factors. For new cars, it is usually assumed that the first polishing should take place after about 5 years of use, but this is not a rule. Sometimes the car is used in particularly difficult conditions, and sometimes we just have bad luck and after a relatively short time there was a lot of damage on its body. Generally, it is worth polishing the car as soon as you notice that the car body is damaged and has lost its former glory. At the same time, it is not possible to do this too often, as it is not beneficial for the paint. In addition to the paste itself, when polishing the car we will need a few other accessories - contrary to appearances, it is extremely important to have an appropriate cloth, made of the material used for this purpose. Do not use too rough fabrics, because they can only scratch our lacquer additionally. Before polishing, wash your car thoroughly so that no dirt remains. The polishing itself must be done very carefully, so it is worth spending as much time as possible and not to approach it in a hurry.

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